Podcast settings now available in the new uploader

Good news for podcasters! A few months ago, we released a brand new uploader that is significantly simpler and more stable than the old, Flash-based one.

Since the initial release, we’ve made regular updates to the product, and we’re happy to announce the latest – podcasters can now select the “feedable” setting for your sound right from the upload screen.

Podcasting New Upload

Find yourself frequently checking/unchecking this option? You can change your default setting at http://soundcloud.com/settings/extra

Playlist Discovery On Android

We’re excited to bring you a brand new feature on our Android platform: playlist discovery.

Playlist discovery allows users to find playlists based on tag searches. SoundCloud users can search by moods, genres, and browse trending search terms.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 18.12.36

There are many ways in which you can use playlists to increase your exposure on the SoundCloud platform. As a label you could consider curating playlists of your catalog, or highlight new tracks from upcoming releases, as an artist you can tell your story by playlisting back catalog as a way to create context for new releases.

Take a look at this example from Nine Inch Nails who curated a chronological collection of every single from their entire career to set the stage and build engagement on their profile for the launch of their new single “Came Back Haunted.”

Artists can also share playlists of their favorite tracks or new and undiscovered content. From a strategic point of view, you can continue to keep a dialogue with your followers between releases by sharing the inner tastemaker in you through playlists.

We recommend taking a look at the app and browsing through tags the community are using to get the most out of your playlists. The tags will be changing over time due to popularity, so keep an eye on what is trending on the site while creating your playlists.

Click here to learn more about creating playlists and explore the different ways other creators are using playlists.

Stats Update: Top Cities

Good news everyone, after recently re-designing our Stats page to ensure that you can access your data quicker and easier, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve rolled out city data for Pro Unlimited account holders.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 14.51.27

Ever wondered how many fans are listening to your tracks for example in London, New York or Sydney? Well, now you can easily find out in your Stats by clicking the Top Cities tab next to Top Countries.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 14.51.41

Using these newly updated stats you can plan your latest tour based on your top cities. If you’re seeing the same city appear at the top of this section month after month then this is where you can find your truly dedicated fans.

For more information on getting the most from your SoundCloud stats take a read through these detailed SoundCheck posts.

Join us for #comedymonth


Funny Or Die is presenting Comedy Month on SoundCloud! Head over to comedymonth.soundcloud.com to check out all the awesome comedy content they’ve helped bring together.

Throughout the month of April, Funny or Die will be creating a new weekly playlist, Comedy Central will be uploading a new piece of stand up every day and we’ll be updating the featured profiles regularly, so make sure you check back often.

Pretty cool, right? Well, you’re invited to the party, too!

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SoundCloud Stats: more detail, more speed

Some of you may have noticed changes already, but we’re excited to officially announce the launch of a completely redesigned Stats page.


We’ve simplified the design so you can see all your stats on one page, and now you can view your top fans on SoundCloud and the countries where your tracks are popular.

Using these newly updated stats you can reach out to your top fans with SoundCloud messaging to connect and get feedback. You may find you have a fan base halfway around the world - plan your latest release or tour based on where your tracks are being played.

Dive into websites, apps, and social networks that people are listening from and use this data to understand the network you’re a part of – you could find some highly engaged blogs to work with in the future.

Have a play around with the new stats and take a read through these in-depth blog posts to help you get the most from your data.

SoundCloud @ SXSW

SoundCloud-+-SCclubhouse-+-FBHey, Austin! We’re thrilled to be back at South By Southwest for another year of making the SoundCloud community come to life at the SoundCloud Clubhouse, bringing musicians and comedians together with their fans. This is the first time the Clubhouse is an official venue and we’ve scheduled an incredible lineup of performers to celebrate.

Join us at Lustre Pearl, 97 Rainey Street, Austin, TX – March 12th, 13th, and 14th for performances from ScHoolboy QZed’s DeadRyan HemsworthTJ Miller and many more.

Full details and set times are available at sxsw.soundcloud.com


(reposted from SoundCloud)

Key Uses Of The Repost Feature: Guest Post From The EDM Network

Similar in functionality to Retweeting, reposting takes a piece of audio content from another SoundCloud user’s account, and delivers it directly to the activity feed of all your subscribed followers. Doing this gives the user the ability to expose content from another user’s account to their following, which is an invaluable social tool with many applications.

In this two-part guest post, Ethan Baer, Co-founder and Director of A&R at The EDM Network breaks down the wide range of uses that have emerged surrounding the implementation of the repost feature, and outlines the strategy that has made them one of the most influential players on SoundCloud.

Note: This is a shortened version, read the original article here.

Reposting for fans

For the vast majority of SoundCloud’s users, the repost feature offers a simple and accessible way to share their favorite music with friends. One of the most important considerations within the ‘social network’ phenomenon is the idea that each user is responsible for the curation of content on their account, as a reflection and representation of them as an individual…

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New Widget Update: Buy And Download Links

At the end of January we announced our new visual widget, we’ve since iterated on the player to bring you updated Buy Link and Download features:

As with the previous widget, a Buy or Download button will only be displayed if you have configured a link for either, with the Buy button taking precedence over Download.

To edit your Buy Link, access your track settings and scroll to the Distribution section:

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.54.24

If you’re looking for creative ways to use the Buy Link, take a read through this blog post on directing your fans.

An Update On Tagging

Most SoundCloud users find music channels through search results, so optimizing your tracks for discovery is key. When you upload a new track, make sure you’ve got all your metadata working for you.

We’ve touched on tagging your sounds and the importance of metadata in previous blog posts, but to reinforce the impact that these factors have on exposing your content, we’ve pulled together another quick update.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 16.25.15

  • Genre Tagging
    The algorithm that classifies tracks into genres has an easier time distinguishing above all other tracks. In the simplest terms, if you use genre tags that are not in Explore then your track will not make it to Explore and when users search for a genre on soundcloud.com/search, tagging with a relevant genre will ensure your tracks are found easier as they will rank higher.

Remember: If multi-word tags are not used correctly, tags like “hip hop” get
pulled apart and the above benefits are lost.

  • Browsing Tags
    In terms of exposure via tags, when users click on one it takes them to (for example) soundcloud.com/tags/sound where they can browse tracks identified with a specific tag. This last point is also applicable for “mood tags” for example, when a user wants to break a sweat, they might go to soundcloud.com/tags/workout or similarly they’ll visit soundcloud.com/tags/chill to relax

Coming soon: Users will be able to find playlists through the /tags/… pages, so it’s important to start tagging your playlists now.

#didyouknow: Sharing Secret Links

Just a quick one this week, folks. We’ve had a lot of questions around the secret link feature recently so we decided pull together a short post on it.

Getting a Secret Link is pretty simple. All you have to do is to make your track or set private and it will automatically generate a Secret Link that you can find on your track or set page.

To send a sound to someone privately, simply go to your track or set and click the Share button above the waveform. An overlay will appear where you can then copy the link available like this:


Ensure that the private code at the end of the link is included when you share it, otherwise the link won’t work. When someone opens your link, they will be directed to SoundCloud where they can listen to your sound without creating an account.

*Note: if you choose to send a secret link to someone, be aware of the possibility that your link could be forwarded to unintended recipients.