Crowdsourcing In Action: Basement Jaxx And


Electronic pioneers Basement Jaxx recently launched – a global interactive project, specifically sourcing recreations of their track “Power To The People,” in every language, and in varying musical styles.

We sat down with Biscuit Productions‘ Simon Bisset to discuss this innovative campaign.

  • Can you tell us a bit about the story behind

Over the years Basement Jaxx have collaborated with many musicians and singers in the studio and in their live shows. I’m an old friend of the band and about 8 months ago we were talking about ideas that we could work on together, the idea of taking their spirit of collaboration to a much larger audience emerged. It was a perfect fit, it was the extension of what they’d been doing for years and they had a track called “Power To The People,” which spoke of the great things that can be achieved when people come together. We wanted to play with the digital platform, but also potentially do some good too…

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Connecting Your Networks: Lashaun Ellis On SoundCloud And Twitter

We’re always excited about the ways in which creators link up their social networks to share their sounds, particularly when it involves fan participation. In this case, 6J Recordings artist Lashaun Ellis gives us yet another great example of how you can leverage your varying social followings to help increase virality when sharing new content.

Earlier this week Lashaun tweeted out to his fans that 100 retweets would reward them with a new song at some point in the week, 200 and he would unveil the song before the end of the following day, and 300 retweets would get them access to the track that same evening.

Upon reaching the 300 retweet marker Lashaun shared his freestyle track “Talk About Me” as a reward for his dedicated fans.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.51.00

This campaign was authentic, reached Lashaun‘s core audience, and created excitement and anticipation for more new material. It proved to be such a success that Lashaun and 6J Recordings decided to repeat the idea with another track, “Thrasher” this same week.

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SoundCloud Connects With Sonos

We love making great connections with other innovative companies in tech and music. So today we’re happy to be announcing a new partnership with Sonos, the wireless hi-fi system.


It’s simple: thanks to the new integration, you can play your favorite SoundCloud tracks and playlists in HiFi at home on Sonos, using Sonos’ controller app.  You’ve already used SoundCloud to connect with your favorite artists: now, with a click of a button, they can send their freshest tracks and playlists direct to your home. Easy.

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Introducing Our New Mini Player

We’ve just released the new HTML5-based mini player and if we do say so ourselves, it’s looking mighty good.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.33.10

The mini player is available to Pro/Pro Unlimited users. You can find it by clicking ‘Share’ on any of your tracks and clicking through to the embed dialogue. Select between a light and dark scheme, and choose from a variety of colours for the play button and playing progress.

Our eye-catching artwork player can be color-customized in the same way, but the new mini player offers an embed with a much smaller visual footprint. Enjoy!

Note: your existing flash embeds will continue to work, and the flash fallback for older browsers still exists.

Big news: All-new iPhone app launches

Big news: today, our all-new iPhone app is ready for you.

When we say all-new, we mean all-new. It’s beautifully simple. With a focus on the best possible listening experience, users will be able to experience more of your content, and for a longer period of time. You have voiced your thoughts and we have optimized the mobile application to make the experience easier to use.


You can control everything with your thumb. Tap anywhere to play and pause. Swipe to skip tracks. Slide along the waveform to explore a track and its artwork. See the likes, playlists and posts of any user right up front on their profile — nothing is hidden behind tabs. Learn more about what you can do with the app here.


As we focused on making the best possible listening experience, we decided to remove the Record button. For those of you who want to record and post audio to SoundCloud from your phones, Retronym’s new AudioCopy app is a great solution. (If you have recorded sounds stored on your iPhone, read this before installing the new app.)

Download it from the App Store. 


Soulection: A Look At The Success Of An Internet Label

“We are a prime example of what an Internet label/tech start up is. Without SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and social media, there is no Soulection.”

– Joe Kay, Soulection

Soulection, the LA-based label, artist collective and radio show was founded in January 2011 by Joe Kay and has grown exponentially in the past 3 years with the help of the SoundCloud platform and community. A considerable percentage of their social activity can be found on SoundCloud and they’ve even discovered the majority of their artists through the platform: as Joe states, they are a prime example of what a successful internet label can be, and so we decided to dig into two of their recent promotional campaigns to share some of the secrets of their success.

The Milestone Giveaways

Soulection have worked extremely hard to build their following organically by means of sharing great content regularly and strategically. Recently, to celebrate reaching their 100k follower milestone on SoundCloud, we saw Soulection reach out to their roster and their extended family asking for music to compile as a way of saying thank you to the SoundCloud community…

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Adding Excitement To Streams: Roadrunner Records’ Riff Counter

To give you an idea of how SoundCloud can be used to jazz up your next album stream, or make your next exclusive a little more exciting, we’re highlighting a great example from Roadrunner Records who tried something a little different for their latest pre-stream.

To premiere the latest EP from New Orleans heavy-metal supergroup DOWN, Roadrunner built a riff counter which ticks over as the EP streams and, when maxed out, reveals a submission form for fans to enter a competition to win tickets to Bloodstock Festival.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.36.00

“The aim was to do something to make this stream stand out from all the others, as well as increasing engagement with the entire record. Usually the drop off is substantial after the first couple of songs.”
– Ian Dickinson, Roadrunner UK

Using the Soundmanager 2 jQuery plugin and the Soundcloud API, this particular player depends on the soundManager.onPosition method to trigger the riff counter to progress. In this instance, neither the library or API have “riff” data, so each riff had to be counted manually by the Roadrunner team.

This idea doesn’t have to be exclusive to rock and metal acts, next time you’re looking for an exciting way to premiere a new track or release, think about what’s unique to your artist and implement this idea around the stream itself. Click here to read about more ideas for custom campaigns, or check out our developers blog for more information on custom players.

Diplo Approved: Curation On A Whole New Level

Tastemaker extraordinaire Diplo has found yet another creative outlet for his love for music. On top of consistently sharing music through his own SoundCloud profile and imprint Mad Decent, Diplo has created another outlet to share his tastes with the masses via his brand new Diplo Approved SoundCloud profile.

His motive is simple: “new music suggested and approved by Diplo.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.18.24

For an artist who has helped launch a number of careers via his imprint Mad Decent, creating another outlet to position himself as a tastemaker and at the same time bring exposure to aspiring creators is a commendable move.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 11.37.18

Setting up a separate profile for curating sounds across the platform can be a smart way to keep your own content highlighted separately and give you more freedom as an artist to share the creativity on SoundCloud that inspires you.

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Upcoming Streaming Changes For API Users

As part of our continued efforts to provide a world-class service for our partners, we’re making some upgrades to our API: anyone using our API to stream content through a custom player on the web will need to make some tweaks if you’re using our Javascript SDK.

Here are the details:

For full information please check out our Developers Blog.