Chuck Inglish: Support From Your Network

In previous posts we’ve covered setting up your own contests and engagement initiatives on SoundCloud, as well as how to use features like Timed Comments, Reposting and Playlists to connect with the community.

SoundCloud is ideal for working with blogs and media partners when it comes to promoting track premieres, album streams, or any other creative initiative. We know that remix contests are a great way to give back to the community and work closely with some of your biggest fans, and one of the best ways to give your contest the launch it deserves is to reach out to your network of blogs and like-minded artists and ask for their support.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 16.38.03

In his recent remix contest for “Legs” Chuck Inglish collaborated with, asking them to embed the track stems the link to the SoundCloud group for submissions. This gave the contest an official landing page, helping entrants find information quickly and easily. Chuck’s network combined with the extended reach of also ensured that the contest reached new fans and spread the message about his contest effectively.

Contact blogs you’ve worked closely with on other campaigns, or try out a brand new partner to gauge success. Explore your SoundCloud stats to decipher which sites are bringing you the most traffic and engage with them help promote your campaigns and spread your message to a wider audience.

Click here to read more about contests on SoundCloud, and here for more info on Stats.


Skrillex Selects: Artists As Tastemakers

Recently we learnt that on top of consistently sharing music through his own SoundCloud profile and imprint Mad Decent Diplo created another outlet to share his tastes with the masses via his brand new Diplo Approved SoundCloud profile.

Another platform heavyweight, Skrillex, has adopted a similar approach, setting up his own curated profile entitled “Skrillex Selects.”

Skrillex is renowned for having his finger on the pulse when it comes to new music up-and-coming producers. His own label OWSLA has acted as an incubator for plenty of stars while Nest HQ and OWSLA IV have been set upin an effort to promote new talent.

In this instance, he’s again providing lesser-known artists and producers with a huge level of visibility.

This is another great example of artists using our curation features to bring exposure to aspiring creators, as well as giving the artists themselves the ability to share the creativity on SoundCloud that inspires them.

Discover more ways in which artists are using SoundCloud’s curation features in unique ways here.

Exploring The World Of Rustie’s Green Language, Using SoundCloud’s API

Warp Records artist Rustie and developer Hunter Loftis have teamed up to create an impressive interactive game, celebrating Rustie’s new record Green Language.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.26.07

Players are dropped into the world of Green Language with opening track ‘Workship.’ The following result is a first-person hypercolor cubist journey, rewarding each player with a new track once the prize of each level is found. Players successful in discovering the songs and completing the world are rewarded with a full stream of ‘Green Language’ before it’s release 25/26 August. Loftis uses advanced JS and some expert tinkering with the SoundCloud API to open up new doors for fan interaction.

“The game’s dreamlike lighting system was designed to complement the surreal quality of Rustie’s music.”
- Hunter Loftis

Grant Bussinger from Warp explains: “SoundCloud was a natural choice for Warp and Rustie. We have a tremendous love affair with the platform and have used it for many of our artists projects – it was a perfect fit for the game.”

Check out the game over at and take a read through other custom SoundCloud campaigns for further inspiration.

Introducing: On SoundCloud


As you’ll have seen on the SoundCloud blog, we’re excited to announce our creator partner program, On SoundCloud.

The biggest news: in addition to the benefits of Pro (advanced tools and features, and detailed stats), artists on the Premier tier will now have the option to place advertising against their uploads, for a share in revenue. This means that we’ll be introducing occasional advertising onto SoundCloud. We’re launching ads in the US only for now, with a select group of brands. If you’re in the US, you’ll start to experience occasional ads from our brand partners. We’re bringing ads on gradually. In addition to supporting creators, ads will keep the service free and open for people to listen to SoundCloud. Audio ads will only be served on the content of Premier Partners with their explicit consent. If you have a Free, Pro or Pro Unlimited account, you will not have any audio ads placed on your tracks.

At the moment, the Premier tier is invite-only, but we’ll be rolling it out to more partners every month. We’ll keep you posted on all the developments.

This is just the beginning for On SoundCloud: alongside our brand new Creator Guide, there will be more tools, support, offerings and opportunities coming down the line. Thank you for the time you’ve spent with us so far, helping us to build the platform alongside you as you’ve built fan bases, communities and careers. We’re excited to keep growing on this journey together.

HTML in Track, Playlist and Profile Descriptions

We want let you know about a recent change that will affect your profile on SoundCloud.

Your security is important to us, and we work hard to ensure SoundCloud is a safe place to be. We’re removing the ability to use HTML in profile and track descriptions, to prevent any malicious links that redirect to spam sites being hidden.

You’ll still be able add links to descriptions, but they will display as full URLs, rather than displaying as text that links.

Our developers have worked some magic to make things look good, whilst keeping us safe, so any disjointed HTML should be removed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 13.17.05However, you may want to update your profile, playlist and track descriptions to make sure your profile still looks great. If you’re using any third-party tools to automatically update your description with links to tour dates, we recommend disabling this and making use of our Songkick intergration which you can read more about here.

We also recommend that you continue to make use of our customizable Buy Link feature on tracks and playlists to link out to online stores, websites or social networks.

There’s one small issue we’ve noticed with apostrophes displaying oddly in comments, we’ll address that ASAP. If you have any questions please contact your SoundCloud representative.

SoundCloud Stats: Websites

For extra clarity when diving into your SoundCloud stats, we’ve covered how to find out who is listening and how to focus on a specific period of time within the activity of your sounds. In this post we’re going to cover the Websites section of your stats.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.24.12 PM

By clicking the Websites tab within your Stats you’re given a list of URLs: these highlight exactly what blogs, sites and other areas of the web you’re getting the most plays from.

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Crowdsourcing In Action: Basement Jaxx And


Electronic pioneers Basement Jaxx recently launched – a global interactive project, specifically sourcing recreations of their track “Power To The People,” in every language, and in varying musical styles.

Check out this audio clip from Basement Jaxx member Felix Buxton who explains where the idea for the Power to the People project comes from and where it’s going.

Alongside this great audio clip from Felix, we sat down with Biscuit Productions‘ Simon Bisset to dive a littler deeper into this innovative campaign.

  • Can you tell us a bit about the story behind

Over the years Basement Jaxx have collaborated with many musicians and singers in the studio and in their live shows. I’m an old friend of the band and about 8 months ago we were talking about ideas that we could work on together, the idea of taking their spirit of collaboration to a much larger audience emerged. It was a perfect fit, it was the extension of what they’d been doing for years and they had a track called “Power To The People,” which spoke of the great things that can be achieved when people come together. We wanted to play with the digital platform, but also potentially do some good too…

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Connecting Your Networks: Lashaun Ellis On SoundCloud And Twitter

We’re always excited about the ways in which creators link up their social networks to share their sounds, particularly when it involves fan participation. In this case, 6J Recordings artist Lashaun Ellis gives us yet another great example of how you can leverage your varying social followings to help increase virality when sharing new content.

Earlier this week Lashaun tweeted out to his fans that 100 retweets would reward them with a new song at some point in the week, 200 and he would unveil the song before the end of the following day, and 300 retweets would get them access to the track that same evening.

Upon reaching the 300 retweet marker Lashaun shared his freestyle track “Talk About Me” as a reward for his dedicated fans.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.51.00

This campaign was authentic, reached Lashaun‘s core audience, and created excitement and anticipation for more new material. It proved to be such a success that Lashaun and 6J Recordings decided to repeat the idea with another track, “Thrasher” this same week.

Discover more creative uses of SoundCloud here.

SoundCloud Connects With Sonos

We love making great connections with other innovative companies in tech and music. So today we’re happy to be announcing a new partnership with Sonos, the wireless hi-fi system.


It’s simple: thanks to the new integration, you can play your favorite SoundCloud tracks and playlists in HiFi at home on Sonos, using Sonos’ controller app.  You’ve already used SoundCloud to connect with your favorite artists: now, with a click of a button, they can send their freshest tracks and playlists direct to your home. Easy.

Find the original Sonos post on our main blog.

Introducing Our New Mini Player

We’ve just released the new HTML5-based mini player and if we do say so ourselves, it’s looking mighty good.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.33.10

The mini player is available to Pro/Pro Unlimited users. You can find it by clicking ‘Share’ on any of your tracks and clicking through to the embed dialogue. Select between a light and dark scheme, and choose from a variety of colours for the play button and playing progress.

Our eye-catching artwork player can be color-customized in the same way, but the new mini player offers an embed with a much smaller visual footprint. Enjoy!

Note: your existing flash embeds will continue to work, and the flash fallback for older browsers still exists.