Get to Know On SoundCloud Premier Partner Blackbear

On SoundCloud Premier Partner Blackbear is Mat Musto, a singer-songwriter with an R&B electronic sound who first started out producing and writing for other artists. When exploring his career as a solo artist, he would upload a song a week and has built his following since 2012. Check out his sounds below and the full interview here.


Hear Blackbear’s “deadroses” on SoundCloud:

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Get to Know On SoundCloud Premier Partner Boombox Cartel

On SoundCloud Premier Partner Boombox Cartel also known as Jorge Medina and Americo Garcia are an electronic music duo based out of Los Angeles. They share how SoundCloud is their “go-to music platform” and how creating a song completely different from what’s envisioned can be the greatest part of the creative process.


Hear Boombox Cartel’s latest track “B2U” below.

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Introducing: Improved track editing tools

Great news for music and audio creators – you can now edit the artwork, tags, privacy settings, and permissions for multiple tracks at once. You can also add multiple tracks to existing playlists or create a new playlist with selected tracks.

SoundCloud Track Editing

If you have a large amount of tracks uploaded to your account, you can now find your older tracks quickly by using the paging buttons located at the top-right of the page.

To get to your tracks page, select “Tracks” from the navigation bar (see below), or sign into your account and go to

SoundCloud Tracks Menu

We hope these additions help you spend less time administering your tracks, and more time making them.

Introducing: Our new resigned iPad app

Today we have announced our iPad app redesign. We want you to be able to listen to SoundCloud anytime, anywhere. We’re excited to share that you can now discover, collect and share the latest tracks with our new, beautifully-redesigned iPad app.


The new app will probably look familiar. The update brings the iPad up to par with our iPhone app. Easy to use and beautiful to look at, it takes just a few taps to browse through fresh tracks. Build playlists and add favorites to your Collection. Log in, and everything you’ve collected is already there.



As with our iPhone app, we decided to remove the Record button in order to build the best possible listening experience.

Click over to the App Store to download our new iPad app.


Get to Know On SoundCloud Premier Partner POP ETC

We recently sat down with our On SoundCloud Premier creator, Christopher Chu of POP ETC, an indie rock band based out of Brooklyn, NY.  We asked a few questions about their evolving sound and fans who keep them motivated.


Hear POP ETC’s newest track, “Running in Circles.” For more information on our creator partner program On SoundCloud, head over to To read the full interview and more interviews from On SoundCloud Premier Partners, click here.

Introducing Collection

On Monday, we launched Collection to make it easy for creators to build a personalized home on the web for their favorite music & audio. Creators can follow artists, like tracks and playlists, build their own playlists and be the first to hear what’s new from their favorite creators. Think of this as a personal private playlist to enjoy music in just one click. This new feature is available for SoundCloud on the web or on iOS and will be coming to Android in 2015. overview_blog playlist_blog You can play your liked tracks in the order that you’ve added them, or mix it up with the Likes shuffle. Head over to to get started with your Collection.

iOS Playlist Creation: Compile, Share and Enjoy Anywhere Now

You’re already listening to playlists when you’re on the go on our iPhone app. Now, create and add to them on your phone too! This week we’ve added playlist creation on iOS. Press the play button below to see how it works.


This is just the beginning: we’re upgrading our app for iPad, too, coming in early 2015. We’ll let you know as soon as it drops.  For more details on how to get started, click here.

SoundCloud & Milk Studios Collaborate

This week we’re excited to share the news about our new collaboration with Milk Studios – we recently hosted an event in New York City with our independent On SoundCloud creators, Little Simz and GoldLink. Not only did these creators get an opportunity to play an intimate live set for NY locals but were interviewed by and participated in an exclusive photo shoot with Milk Studios.

For the low down on who these creators are, how they make their music and to check out the exclusive photoshoot, head over to or visit their SoundCloud pages:

Little Simz                           GoldLink

141120_MilkMade_050696_1    141120_MilkMade_050159_1

Photography by Mitchell Mclennan Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Get To Know Our SoundCloud Premier Creators

Welcome to a new SoundCloud blog series – Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partners – where we’ll be interviewing the first of the independent SoundCloud creators invited to be a part of the Premier level of On SoundCloud, our creator partner program. Premier partners can choose to monetize their tracks in the U.S. and share revenue generated on SoundCloud. We’ve been expanding the number of artists in the Premier Partner level since we launched On SoundCloud in August. Our first interview is with California-based Scott Woodruff, a multi-instrumentalist and producer who performs as Stick Figure.

Want to hear all about Stick Figure? Click here to check it out. In the meantime, here’s a recent Stick Figure track, called “Livin’ It”. For more information on our creator partner program On SoundCloud, head over to

New Podcasting Feature: Custom Titles for RSS Feeds

SoundCloud usernames are intentionally kept short to keep things looking tidy everywhere they need to be displayed – embedded players, mobile apps, etc. But we also understand that sometimes podcasters want to use longer, descriptive titles for their podcasts so apps like iTunes can pull in all relevant metadata.

Today, we’re pleased to announce custom titles for RSS feeds.

You can create a custom podcast title for your RSS feed by going to and filling out the field next to “Custom feed title.”

If no text is entered, your SoundCloud username will be used as the title of your podcast.

Want to join the podcasting beta? More info here.