Audio Creativity: The Dismemberment Plan Memories

Seminal indie-rockers The Dismemberment Plan have been getting their hands dirty with SoundCloud. A few months back, the band released the stems to a number of their most notable sounds on their website via SoundCloud for their fans to listen to, download, and play with in their own way.

Frontman Travis Morrison said on the band’s website:

The actual resources page on our site is now a bunch of SoundCloud embeds, and what’s cool about this is that “regular folks” can just go over and listen to the raw sounds. Which I think is a pretty interesting experience. [...]

Hopefully when the new record is done we’ll be sure to post some new sounds to play with, marvel at, cringe in embarrassment at, and so on. And if you do a remix, don’t be hide your light under a bushel. Post it on SoundCloud and send us a link. Tweet at us or post on our Facebook page or email us or whatever.

This time around they’re getting even more creative and working harder to engage with their fans: with the band being tech savvy in their day jobs, we’re unsurprised but delighted to see such an innovative use of both Twilio and SoundCloud’s API’s come into play in this particular campaign…

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 16.46.27

After meeting with (you guessed it) the guys over at Eyes And Ears, the band came up with the idea to involve their deeply dedicated fanbase in the launch process for their eagerly anticipated record Uncanney Valley.

As a band who hasn’t released a record in 10 years, this unique audio campaign invites us to take a step back in their history: fans are encouraged to call up a phone number, listen to a Dismemberment Plan sound and then record a voicemail message detailing the fans’ fondest memory of the band, which is then exported and stored on SoundCloud.

The D Plan went through the submissions and listen to each and every memory, picking out their favorites to post on their SoundCloud profile. They reached out to the fans behind the best memories via the phone number they’ve left, and invited them to be added to guest list for upcoming shows.

The eventual plan for these snippets of audio is to loop them together to use as background noise for when the lights go down at shows, as exit audio for the band or to generate atmosphere before shows start.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 16.46.11

This is a perfect example of how an artist can re-engage with an audience that have been waiting for a long time for them to surface. Remember, it’s not just you as the artist who has the ability to create audio content: personal messages from fans like these create a beautiful, emotive sense of memory and provide the band with some meaningful and invaluable recordings.

For more audio-based content ideas, take a look through this section of SoundCheck.

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