Audio Fun: Twin Shadow’s True Story Tour

HOLD IT. We think we’ve found the most innovative and fun use of audio from an artist that we’re possibly going to find in 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 17.36.17

Twin Shadow recently requested, via Tumblr, that his fans write stories about where they are from or where they currently call home. The plan for these stories is as follows:

“Tell me everything about those places, and when we come to your town or city we will try to visit these places, and take some photos there. Once I get all the submissions, I’d like to pick the best ones, publish them on my Tumblr and read the stories on my SoundCloud Podcast called FORGET RADIO.”

This innovative consonance of multiple social networks is also a fun use of audio and a unique example of fan engagement; Twin Shadow genuinely wants to hear from his fans and is responding in a personal way, giving them a shout out on his very own podcast.

For more ideas on the ways in which you can use audio for fan engagement, take a peek at our Artists Voice 101.

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