C2C “Happy” Remix Contest: A Success Story

Four-time DMC World Championships winners C2C made the stems for their album cut ‘Happy’ available to download in early April, inviting new producers to remix their work. After being uploaded to a SoundCloud group, fans voted for their favourite in a remix application over on C2C’s website. A shortlist of ten has been drawn up, and now C2C have stepped in and nominated their five preferred re-workings.

In this blog post, we take a close look into the mechanics behind this competition and find out what steps C2C took to make it such a big success.

The group have revealed some interesting metrics in the wake of the competition ending: the SoundCloud group now holds over 350 high-caliber remixes.

C2C were able to keep on top of the submissions while the competition was running by moderating the SoundCloud group: they received an automated e-mail every time a new track is submitted, giving them the ability to filter out the good stuff in the early stages.

C2C worked tirelessly to push this competition to as many eyes and ears as possible, and it paid off: the competition pulled in 86,643 votes in total.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.19.26On top of the successful remix competition, we’ve seen an impressive level of engagement from C2C around this project: from curating playlists of their favorites as well as entrants they simply wanted to call out for producing amazing work, to tweeting the winner and a link to his SoundCloud profile to their 60k+ Twitter followers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.16.27

Our Reposting and Playlisting features add easily achievable engagement spins to any competition or call-to-action:

Looking to crowdsource some vocals? Make like Snoop and dig around in the SoundCloud community for hidden talent, repost your favorite tracks to your followers to show the creators how invested you are.

Try the Ernie Ball technique and lay down a basic track for guitarists to solo over, then use the Add To Set feature to curate playlists of the best riffs to share across your social networks.

Our Contests 101 should help you out in terms of basic set-up tips, but if you’re brimming with ideas like the ones showcased above, let us know.

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