Case Study: Roadrunner Records’ Audio Strategy

We’re constantly impressed with how Roadrunner Records uses SoundCloud, from reposting hits from their roster, to thinking outside the confines of YouTube videos and Tweets with their audio messages to fans.

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This time around, we sit down with Roadrunner Records’ Ian Dickinson to discuss their impressive audio content and find out why audio plays such an important role in their digital strategy.

Q. Where did the decision to use your SoundCloud profile for audio come from?

It came out of chat we had with the guys at SoundCloud. Once we realized that we weren’t confined to posting only music on our profile it opened up a new world of content options…

…It is isn’t rocket science but it just took that moment of realisation that you could post interviews, pre-show sound bites, track by tracks — not just songs.

Q. What sort of engagement have you seen on SoundCloud in comparison to Youtube?

In all honesty I am always blown away by the response we get on SoundCloud. For example we filmed a feature for YouTube which to date has 2,822 plays. We also took the audio of the video specifically for uploading to our SoundCloud profile. In the same period of time this has been played 12,263 times.

Q. What was the inspiration behind using a more ‘tabloid headline’ approach to title your uploads?

Again this was something that came from brainstorming with the guys at SoundCloud, and the penny just dropped. It is commonplace to use this technique on our socials such as Facebook, Twitter and the news section of our website to attract audience attention, but for some reason we hadn’t been doing this with our SoundCloud interviews. We trialled it out and it was a great success.

We released a two-part interview with the band Kvelertak earlier this year. We posted part 1 with the standard ‘Kvelertak Interview Part 1’ title & part 2 with the tabloid-style ‘Kvelertak Interview Part 2 – “We ended up playing in the street, stopping the traffic.” Traditionally, the first part of any interview or feature will receive the greater amount of views or plays. In this case to date, Part 1 has received 3132 plays & the tabloid-headlined interview 4738.

Q. Have you now developed a basic audio strategy or is this something you’d look to do in the future?

For every campaign now, we make sure that apart from the inclusion of singles and new songs we have audio interviews which can be included. For us part of the big appeal of SoundCloud is the flexibility to be able to do things on the spot which are not always planned.

We hung out with the guys from Killswitch Engage before their London show and we got a great pre-show sound bite which we could record and post straight away using the app. This is a technique which has been built into our strategies for all the summers’ festivals which we will be reporting from.

For more information around audio and voice content, have a read of our Artist’s Voice 101.

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