Customizing The Buy Link: Directing Your Fans

The Buy Link feature on SoundCloud is used to link your listeners to iTunes. Clicking the pencil icon on any track or set and expanding the Show More Options link enables you to enter your iTunes download URL into the Buy Link box.  A new button will then appear on your player, telling fans where they can buy your music.

What a lot of artists don’t know is that you can direct this link to anywhere on the web, and you can customize the button to display anything you want…

A standard Buy Link directed to iTunes will look like this:

If you’re embedding a track from SoundCloud as the default player on your website, make the Buy Link work for you. By adding in an alternative link and entering custom text into the Buy Link Title box, your SoundCloud player can spread your message directly to your fans.

Add a link to a full stream of your album on SoundCloud or link to a download store of your choice. If you’ve got a custom campaign running on Facebook, add the link to that. If you’re running an offer on your merch store, let fans know  what discount they can get by customising the Buy Link Title. If you want to drive more fans to your Twitter, make sure your Buy Link Title tells fans to follow you.

For a more detailed look at the Buy Link check out our Buy Link 101.

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