Ghostpoet: New Music Video Announcement

To add to our excitement around Labrinth’s audio posts yesterday, we want to highlight another unique, and hilarious, use of the record function. This time, it comes from the ever-innovative Ghostpoet.

To announce the release for his new Video for “Meltdown,” Ghostpoet has turned to the SoundCloud record function and some sort of voice synthesizer to record a quick heads-up for his fans, and this 30 seconds worth of content has drawn in over 14k plays.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 14.46.58

In equally savvy behaviour, he’s made great use of the customizable Buy Link to direct his SoundCloud fans across to his Youtube channel to check out the video.

This is another great example of artists using the power of their voice (or voice synthesizer in this case) as a marketing tool, not forgetting that these vocal snippets can be shared unfathomably easily with your Twitter fans with our slick Twitter integration.

For more information on creating voice content, chew on this.

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