Giving Back To Your Fans: The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue

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Learning what content suits your audience requires a bit of trial and error. Voice content can be a great avenue to connect with fans, for evidence of this check out our previous ‘artist’s voice’ posts.

To all songwriters out there, think about using one of your greatest talents to reward your fans. This is the exact sort of inspiring use of SoundCloud we’ve seen come from Danny O’Donoghue of The Script who, when realizing he’d had hit a million followers on Twitter, sat down at his piano and recorded a thank you ditty for The Script’s dedicated fanbase.

“Last week our international street team known as #TheScriptFamily combined their efforts to help me reach one million Followers on Twitter. I wanted to reward the fans and using SoundCloud I was able to be reactive. Within a few hours of the fan activity I uploaded a thank you sound to SoundCloud and shared the player across our social channels. The reaction to the sound has been incredible, we will be posting more sounds for the fans on SoundCloud in the future.”

Danny O’Donoghue, The Script

You can listen to Danny’s thank you message below:

It’s always impressive to watch an artist like The Script figure out their social media strengths, and these audio experiments are just small steps toward a stronger content strategy for the future.

To develop this ability to share content your fans will truly enjoy, think about the context of you as an artist, test small things regularly and learn from your fans’ feedback to land the ideal content strategy that suits you both.

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