Little Mix: An Audio Strategy For Pop

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Our favorite new example of a creative use of audio and overall digital comes from the world of mainstream pop: girl group Little Mix take time out of their busy schedule to record regular updates for their fans, also known as “Mixers”, showcasing the power of voice.

Their regular “Mixers Monday” clips are weekly updates for their fans, consisting of a wealth of different content such as news, studio updates, announcements, vocal warm-ups and giggles (Like cats? You’ll love this.)

What’s most impressive about the Little Mix audio strategy is how well it represents the band, their genre and their fans.

Little Mix follow in the footsteps of Roadrunner Records. But while  the rock ‘n’ roll quotes in Roadrunner’s audio posts are contextualized for their audience, emoticons in track descriptions and the personal touch of adding a snapshot of where they are and what they’re doing are perfect ways for Little Mix to connect with their fans.

SoundCloud also gives Little Mix the flexibility to be able to do things spontaneously, which gives their audio posts a fun and impulsive feel. Fans get a genuine insight into the band members’ personalities and can talk back to them by leaving waveform comments. And the audience is accessible everywhere: from SoundCloud itself, to Facebook, Twitter and the band’s own website.

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The band recently took their audio strategy one step further, asking fans to record their own attempt at Missy Elliott’s rap on SoundCloud, and looped in engagement via Twitter by asking for entries to be tweeted at the band with the hashtag #MyMissyHowYaDoinRap. In return, five winners received a personalized voice recording from the girls. You can play one of them here.

This is a really simple way for Little Mix to boost engagement across their socials while they’re either out of a release cycle or wanting to increase fan attention in the lead-up to a release. It’s easy for their young fanbase to pick up a smartphone and hit record: no video editing required.

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