Roadrunner Records: “Christmosh” Message

We sat down with Roadrunner Records‘ Digital Product Manager Ian Dickinson to discover the story behind the label’s annual Christmosh message, an engaging audio recording featuring shout-outs from each of their artists.

On the history of the Christmosh message:

The Christmosh message is a bit of a tradition at Roadrunner. However, we thought it was time to give it a revamp. In the past it has always been a standard video message which we begin collecting content for around October or November time. As a number of our artists are not based in the UK and the guys are always touring it can take a while so we always like to get it done ahead of time.

On the artists’ involvement:

This project comes as a welcome change of pace for the artists. Rather than answering the same interview questions they hear time and time again, it gives them a chance to be involved with something more entertaining. It is just a bit of fun really, and from the label’s side it’s great to be able to create engaging content without it being based on a sales pitch.

On sharing the message socially:

The Christmosh message also had an accompanying video which featured on our YouTube channel. We utilised the Buy Link button to direct people to watch the video by customising the link title. We also shared it on Facebook and Twitter as well as on our website.

On the SoundCloud vs. YouTube engagement levels:

The difference was huge: in all honesty we were quite surprised at how effective it was. Within four days we had roughly 10,000 plays. To date we have had 11,500 plays on SoundCloud compared to 2,702 views on YouTube.

On using an artist’s voice as a marketing tool:

I think any content we can provide our fans with which is genuinely interesting and entertaining has to be a priority. It is important to think outside the confines of YouTube videos and tweets; although these do provide a vital foundation, there is no reason why you can’t do more. As a fan myself I know that I am always most engaged by artist content which showcases their personality to the fullest.

Ian’s one SoundCloud tip:

Think outside the confines of merely posting standard tracks. The majority of video interviews and features that are produced obviously have an audio file; it just makes sense to use this audio file for SoundCloud. You are getting more out of your content as well as providing something unique for your SoundCloud profile.

To learn more about using unique voice content as a marketing tool, take a look at our Artists’ Voice 101.

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