Social Focus: Tumblr

Noticing an increased number of SoundCloud widgets popping up over on Tumblr? Both Tumblr and SoundCloud are focused on giving creators tools to reach their audiences, and their audiences the ability to engage with and share the content. We’re here to explain how to take advantage of that.

nine inch nails

Tumblr recently made the exciting announcement that SoundCloud sets are now supported in Tumblr audio posts, and back in March, we worked together with the popular blogging platform to replace their custom widget with our official widget inside audio posts on the web (mobile and desktop). This gives the creator better attribution as well as providing the fan with an improved listening experience…

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As far as using SoundCloud on Tumblr goes, there are a few key areas you should focus on to optimize exposure and increase engagement:

  • Add Rich descriptions to your tracks: not only is this good for SEO, it gives users more context when content is shared on Tumblr. Include as much relevant information as you can in the titles of your uploads.

  • Correct metadata: tagging your tracks effectively on SoundCloud can increase your discoverability, and on Tumblr helps users and search bots know who you are, this specifically relates to referencing your official artist name in comparison to an alias or pseudonym. Furthermore, Tumblr is a visually-led platform, so make sure you’re showing off your album artwork: include it in every upload and with every set.

  • Connect your social network accounts: this helps users confirm you are who they are looking for and also helps with SEO.

  • Use the Audio post type on Tumblr: If the main focus of your post is a sound, then take advantage of the SoundCloud integration inside Tumblr Audio posts vs. embedding the player in the HTML. 75% of the traffic on Tumblr is through the user dashboard, and this is how your tracks will stream seamlessly in that environment. This gives the sound prominent placement at the top of the post and helps Tumblr promote the post to relevant audiences.

  • Use Tumblr tags in your post: Tumblr uses tags to help users discover content. “Music” is a good place to start. Include your genre, name and the subject matter of your sound as well.

For some great examples of Tumblr and SoundCloud tie-ins, check out Tumblr’s for Nine Inch Nails, Alt-J, Jungle Indie RockFun and Small Black.

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