Lookback: Fringe Festival 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest performing arts festival; SoundCloud was proud supporters of the festival last year, so we thought we’d share a quick retrospective of what our involvement was!

To start, the Fringe Festival integrated SoundCloud into its website, enabling all performers with a profile on EdFringe.com to promote and showcase their show using sound! It was a simple process; if you had an EdFringe profile, you could sign up or login into your SoundCloud account via EdFringe.com and add audio to your performer profile. We had all sorts of recordings added, from simple podcasts, to songs, to brief explanations of the show in audio form, to random ad lib recordings. Take comedian Stuart Goldsmith for example, he embedded three of his old podcasts shows on to his profile:

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 2.58.42 PM

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Storytelling With Social Audio – a guest post from AIR Media

Storytelling With Social Audio: How AIR Cultivates New Media Life Forms

By AIR Media Strategist Jessica Clark

Last night, San Francisco makers and hackers packed SoundCloud’s SF office to the gills for the Making Of…Zeega event. Co-organized by veteran audio producers The Kitchen Sisters, Zeega, AIR and KQED, the event marked the launch of The Making Of…Studio: a digital sandbox for users to experiment with the Zeega platform, and share their strange and beautiful creations.

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Share your conferences to the wider world

Instead of telling you about a conference we’re going to be hitting, we wanted to tell you about how you can use SoundCloud for the conferences or events you put on.

Using SoundCloud with your event is a great way to spread the wisdom and information beyond the four walls of your event space to the wider world. And using audio means you don’t have to mess around with video tech. It’s a lot easier to grab a portable recorder or even a computer and capture the sound of the people speaking and upload it to SoundCloud.

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Case Study: Louis CK and SoundCloud

Comedy is a category on SoundCloud that is growing larger and larger every week. With so many comedy podcasts, comedians, jokes, prank calls, funny songs, spontaneous recordings, here’s a quick case study of a major comedian using SoundCloud in a simple and effective way.

The great Louis CK has a website where he sells his stand-up shows as both downloadable videos and downloadable audio. What better to way to promote what customers can expect than to use SoundCloud to embed short but simple snippets onto his site?! Take a look at the screen shot below or visit his site and select one of the ‘preview’ options to listen to a sample.

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Case Study: The Many Places To Hear The Bugle

The Bugle is one of the most popular comedy podcasts on the web. Hosts John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman have over 216 episodes to their name now, all dealing with the latest news and current affairs, with a comedic twist. Since January 2012 the guys have been using SoundCloud to distribute the show to iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and embed on their site.

This has enabled another level of interaction with their dedicated fans. It enables them to comment on particular parts of the show and by embedding directly it enables fans to play it on Facebook, share it to their Facebook accounts and comment either on SoundCloud’s timed comments or on the Facebook wall. Their friends will also see these plays in their timeline, if they are a logged-in SoundCloud user. The chances of sharing the audio and provoking shares is much higher this way.

Take a look at the original Facebook post by the The Bugle to see how much engagement, shares etc took place.

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Use Case: The Many Ways to Hear The Economist

The Economist has been innovating in their distribution of audio and podcasts over the last year. Today we want to run you through the development of Economist Radio.

Their goal was to provide The Economist audio content across all platforms and to be playable on all devices. As our HTML5 player enables audio to be played on smart phones and tablets and our API would provide a stable infrastructure for The Economist to build apps and connect the content to different distribution platforms it was a perfect opportunity to push where their audio could go. The first initial step was to make a simple set player that could be embedded anywhere with all The Economist’s content.

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The Voices of Voters

With the elections right around the corner, newsrooms, programs and producers around the country are helping voters voice and broadcast their opinions. PRI’s The World has taken an international perspective on the elections, while radio-drama series The Truth has taken a more artistic (and scary) approach to the political season.

One project we’ve been really excited to watch is The Voices of Young Voters project. A partnership of Public Radio stations from around the West Coast, the project has collected the perspective of dozens of West Coast voters under the age of 30. Continue reading this article.