AlunaGeorge: Body Music Album Reveal

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AlunaGeorge released their much-anticipated debut album ‘Body Music’ back in July after a slick album release campaign, allowing fans to listen to the whole record a week before release date. In case you missed it, we’ll give you a quick recap.

“SoundCloud has played an important part in the discovery process of AlunaGeorge; the band have actively used the platform from the outset and it is where their fans have naturally gravitated to.”

– Glenn Cooper, Director of Digital, Island Records UK

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Music Hack Day: London

Events like Music Hack Day take an impressive stance at the intersection between art and technology, encapsulating the creativity that is possible when these two sectors cross paths and showcasing the relationship between music, API’s, artists and developers.

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Bloc Party ‘Four’ Campaign

Bloc Party recently returned with their fourth album, aptly named ‘Four’. In keeping with the album’s core themes being based around the number four (album title / members in the band /fourth album / colours and circles on the album sleeve) – they launched a campaign whereby fans were able to create their own ‘four’ from their Facebook friends.

On top of this the band streamed the album in full for a short period of time on their site using our API to listen and to share to Twitter and Facebook.

Read more about the development of this album premiere on Lee Martin’s developer blog. To find out more about using the SoundCloud API as a developer head over to our own SoundCloud APIblog or the SoundCloud Developers site.