Timed Comments: Conversing With Fans, A La Of Montreal

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Timed Comments acts as a powerful feature for fans to use in communicating with their favorite band or artist, similarly this feature can prove invaluable for an artist to use in striking up a conversation with their fans on the platform: something we’ve seen previously from the likes of Example.

Actively using this feature as part of a campaign around a release can add a real-time experience for existing fans and newcomers alike – when it came to uploading their latest single Belle Glade Missionaries, indie-rock stalwarts Of Montreal took this idea and ran with it.

Prior to releasing their single on SoundCloud, Of Montreal messaged out to their fans on Facebook and Twitter to let them know that they would be online in a specific time frame to answer fan’s questions using Timed Comments…

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Social Focus: Twitter

We’re working with the folks over at Twitter to improve the experience of hearing sounds within your Twitter feed.  Our latest collaboration was an update for our cards integration.

To highlight the importance and usefulness of sharing your sounds regularly on Twitter, we’ve pulled together a bit of information to help you use it to create a richer experience for your fans.

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Let’s have a quick recap of sharing. To make it automatic, you need to connect your Twitter account with your SoundCloud account. Head to your ‘Connections’ settings in your SoundCloud account where you’ll see a list of supported social networks. Connect your Twitter account here, and each new upload will automatically be tweeted out…

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Social Focus: Tumblr

Noticing an increased number of SoundCloud widgets popping up over on Tumblr? Both Tumblr and SoundCloud are focused on giving creators tools to reach their audiences, and their audiences the ability to engage with and share the content. We’re here to explain how to take advantage of that.

nine inch nails

Tumblr recently made the exciting announcement that SoundCloud sets are now supported in Tumblr audio posts, and back in March, we worked together with the popular blogging platform to replace their custom widget with our official widget inside audio posts on the web (mobile and desktop). This gives the creator better attribution as well as providing the fan with an improved listening experience…

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Social Focus: Sharing To Facebook

Recently, we touched on how you can use the sound description section to let fans and followers know more about your sounds, or more about you as an artist, from production notes to tour dates.

Any text you enter in your sound’s description will be replicated on Facebook when you share your sound, so be sure to include any relevant information, whether it’s details about the recording process, upcoming tour dates, or a link to buy your track.

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Make like J Cole and add the release date of your new record into your sound or set description, add in store links to personally let fans know when and where they can purchase your music, or include your upcoming tour dates to let fans know where they can catch you.

Align your social strategy by sharing these sounds to Facebook, allowing your fans to both stream your sounds, and view this information in your sound description. This way, your social channels can complement each other, creating effective call-to-actions for your fans

For more information on our Facebook integration, peep this.