Custom Players: Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox

The guys over at Eyes & Ears Entertainment are consistently throwing together unique and engaging concepts, like this one for Bruno Mars surrounding the release of his latest album “Unorthodox Jukebox.”

E&E worked with Atlantic Records to concept and create an idea that was inline with the branding of Bruno Mars’ new record, while also creating a low barrier experience for fans to premiere the new record.

The main benefit of creating something custom for this particular campaign was the amount of traffic to a Bruno Mars online property and the social buzz that it created. E&E kindly shared the following numbers with us: saw over 260k visits, more than 150k unique users, 35k+ shares between Twitter and Facebook, over 370k streams of the first single, and average of 200k streams of the entire record.

Our open API allows you to tailor your fan’s listening experience. Coming up with something a little more custom, if you have the resources to do so, not only really helps notch up your plays: it gives fans something to really engage and interact with, helps contextualize your content and, when executed well, maximizes both the viral reach and sale of a record. These custom builds also enable you to tie in some extra social features, in turn generating hype around your campaign.

The crux of the project utilizes our API along with a custom Library that E&E Partner, Keith Hoffmann, wrote and open sourced on Github, and while we’re getting technical, the rest is a custom roll of Node.js, SASS, Jade HTML and CoffeeScript.

For more information on custom players check out our Developer’s blog or for a general overview on how best to incorporate SoundCloud into your online presence take a look at our Websites 101.

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