In The Spotlight: Highlighting Your Sounds

One our most popular premium features is Spotlight: Spotlight allows you to pin sounds sets to the top of your profile page’s stream. You can identify Spotlight in use by the title of it at the top of a SoundCloud profile.

Spotlight is the first place your fans will see content on your profile: you want to keep this area fresh and engaging. You can pin up to 5 sounds or sets in Spotlight, these sounds will be ordered by most recent addition to oldest addition: remember to refresh and reorder these as much as possible.

If you have a new single out, stick it right at the top of your Spotlight to encourage fans and new listeners to check it out first. If you’ve recently recorded an on-air interview, include  this in your Spotlight to mix up the types of content you’re offering your listeners. If you’re seeing one of your older tracks is lacking in plays, pin it up in Spotlight to give it some extra traction.

When accessing your profile, new users will see a list of tracks and think, “with so many sounds, where do I start as a new listener?” Ensure sure the key single, sound or set relevant to your campaign is kept at the top of your profile. Noticing your popular new single with heaps of plays working it’s way down your stream as you upload more sounds? Pull it back up into Spotlight so that these new fans discovering your page know where exactly to start and can really immerse themselves in your best material.

You’ll notice ‘Up’ arrows on all of the public tracks you’ve uploaded and ‘Down’ arrows on the tracks within your Spotlight, hover over these and you’ll see the indication to add or remove said tracks to and from Spotlight.

After your Spotlight selection, your Recent sounds and sets are shown in reverse-chronological order.

For more information on Spotlight click here, or to try it out take a look at our premium accounts.

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