Our New Visual Player

Today we’re excited to launch our new widget: a visually enhanced version of our classic embeddable player, with your artwork at the centre and an improved look for our iconic waveform.

We’ve amped up the playing experience by including continuous listening in the visual widget. Related tracks are showcased during pause and after finishing playback so you can explore even more music & audio straight from the visual player, wherever you find it on the web.

For Pro Unlimited users, we’ve included a way for even more of your tracks to get heard. Your Spotlight tracks will display in the player during pause and after playback instead of other related tracks. Simply click “More options” in the embed screen (you can also disable related sounds).

If you’re already using our players, the existing formats will continue to be available: you’ll see that they’re getting a waveform makeover that makes them look more similar to the visual player.

Below is an example of the new widget in action:

If you’ve got any questions, take a look at our Help Center or contact the Content Team, and as you start to play around with the new widget don’t forget about our recent Instagram integration.

COMING SOON: your social networks of choice Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ will be displaying the new player, watch this space.

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