SoundCloud Stats: more detail, more speed

Some of you may have noticed changes already, but we’re excited to officially announce the launch of a completely redesigned Stats page.


We’ve simplified the design so you can see all your stats on one page, and now you can view your top fans on SoundCloud and the countries where your tracks are popular.

Using these newly updated stats you can reach out to your top fans with SoundCloud messaging to connect and get feedback. You may find you have a fan base halfway around the world – plan your latest release or tour based on where your tracks are being played.

Dive into websites, apps, and social networks that people are listening from and use this data to understand the network you’re a part of – you could find some highly engaged blogs to work with in the future.

Have a play around with the new stats and take a read through these in-depth blog posts to help you get the most from your data.

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