Giving Back To Your Fans: The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue

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Learning what content suits your audience requires a bit of trial and error. Voice content can be a great avenue to connect with fans, for evidence of this check out our previous ‘artist’s voice’ posts.

To all songwriters out there, think about using one of your greatest talents to reward your fans. This is the exact sort of inspiring use of SoundCloud we’ve seen come from Danny O’Donoghue of The Script who, when realizing he’d had hit a million followers on Twitter, sat down at his piano and recorded a thank you ditty for The Script’s dedicated fanbase.

“Last week our international street team known as #TheScriptFamily combined their efforts to help me reach one million Followers on Twitter. I wanted to reward the fans and using SoundCloud I was able to be reactive. Within a few hours of the fan activity I uploaded a thank you sound to SoundCloud and shared the player across our social channels. The reaction to the sound has been incredible, we will be posting more sounds for the fans on SoundCloud in the future.”

Danny O’Donoghue, The Script

You can listen to Danny’s thank you message below:

It’s always impressive to watch an artist like The Script figure out their social media strengths, and these audio experiments are just small steps toward a stronger content strategy for the future.

To develop this ability to share content your fans will truly enjoy, think about the context of you as an artist, test small things regularly and learn from your fans’ feedback to land the ideal content strategy that suits you both.

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Audio Creativity: The Dismemberment Plan Memories

Seminal indie-rockers The Dismemberment Plan have been getting their hands dirty with SoundCloud. A few months back, the band released the stems to a number of their most notable sounds on their website via SoundCloud for their fans to listen to, download, and play with in their own way.

Frontman Travis Morrison said on the band’s website:

The actual resources page on our site is now a bunch of SoundCloud embeds, and what’s cool about this is that “regular folks” can just go over and listen to the raw sounds. Which I think is a pretty interesting experience. […]

Hopefully when the new record is done we’ll be sure to post some new sounds to play with, marvel at, cringe in embarrassment at, and so on. And if you do a remix, don’t be hide your light under a bushel. Post it on SoundCloud and send us a link. Tweet at us or post on our Facebook page or email us or whatever.

This time around they’re getting even more creative and working harder to engage with their fans: with the band being tech savvy in their day jobs, we’re unsurprised but delighted to see such an innovative use of both Twilio and SoundCloud’s API’s come into play in this particular campaign…

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Little Mix: An Audio Strategy For Pop

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Our favorite new example of a creative use of audio and overall digital comes from the world of mainstream pop: girl group Little Mix take time out of their busy schedule to record regular updates for their fans, also known as “Mixers”, showcasing the power of voice.

Their regular “Mixers Monday” clips are weekly updates for their fans, consisting of a wealth of different content such as news, studio updates, announcements, vocal warm-ups and giggles (Like cats? You’ll love this.)

What’s most impressive about the Little Mix audio strategy is how well it represents the band, their genre and their fans.

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Case Study: Roadrunner Records’ Audio Strategy

We’re constantly impressed with how Roadrunner Records uses SoundCloud, from reposting hits from their roster, to thinking outside the confines of YouTube videos and Tweets with their audio messages to fans.

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This time around, we sit down with Roadrunner Records’ Ian Dickinson to discuss their impressive audio content and find out why audio plays such an important role in their digital strategy.

Q. Where did the decision to use your SoundCloud profile for audio come from?

It came out of chat we had with the guys at SoundCloud. Once we realized that we weren’t confined to posting only music on our profile it opened up a new world of content options…

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Audio Fun: Twin Shadow’s True Story Tour

HOLD IT. We think we’ve found the most innovative and fun use of audio from an artist that we’re possibly going to find in 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 17.36.17

Twin Shadow recently requested, via Tumblr, that his fans write stories about where they are from or where they currently call home. The plan for these stories is as follows:

“Tell me everything about those places, and when we come to your town or city we will try to visit these places, and take some photos there. Once I get all the submissions, I’d like to pick the best ones, publish them on my Tumblr and read the stories on my SoundCloud Podcast called FORGET RADIO.”

This innovative consonance of multiple social networks is also a fun use of audio and a unique example of fan engagement; Twin Shadow genuinely wants to hear from his fans and is responding in a personal way, giving them a shout out on his very own podcast.

For more ideas on the ways in which you can use audio for fan engagement, take a peek at our Artists Voice 101.

Ghostpoet: New Music Video Announcement

To add to our excitement around Labrinth’s audio posts yesterday, we want to highlight another unique, and hilarious, use of the record function. This time, it comes from the ever-innovative Ghostpoet.

To announce the release for his new Video for “Meltdown,” Ghostpoet has turned to the SoundCloud record function and some sort of voice synthesizer to record a quick heads-up for his fans, and this 30 seconds worth of content has drawn in over 14k plays.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 14.46.58

In equally savvy behaviour, he’s made great use of the customizable Buy Link to direct his SoundCloud fans across to his Youtube channel to check out the video.

This is another great example of artists using the power of their voice (or voice synthesizer in this case) as a marketing tool, not forgetting that these vocal snippets can be shared unfathomably easily with your Twitter fans with our slick Twitter integration.

For more information on creating voice content, chew on this.

Labrinth: Don’t Stop Engagin’

Sick from worrying about how to keep up with your fans outside of your release cycle? We’ve got the perfect remedy.

Artists can get a ton of mileage on SoundCloud with immediate, raw, non-music snippets, and this is exactly what we’ve seen from Labrinth over the past few months.

After releasing Electronic Earth this time last year, and giving away the Atomic EP for free download via SoundCloud in December 2012, Labrinth has been padding out his profile with a variety of audio snippets. These vary from behind-the-scenes recordings with Mike Posner to a critique on the way America serves tea, and a 30-second update letting fans know where he is and what he’s up to.

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Amanda Palmer Storywheel

Earlier this summer Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra hit the road and visited art galleries and a bunch of other venues to spend time with their Kickstarter supporters and unveil the music from the THEATER IS EVIL record.

Did they keep this to themselves? Heck, no! They only went and shared it with the whole of the internet and used outrageously attractive Storywheel app to do so.

Storywheel allows you to combine your latest Instagram images with an audio recording powered by SoundCloud to create a nostalgic slideshow, click the image above to check out Amanda’s example.

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